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Go Plant-Based With Earth Bound’s Products

At Earth Bound, we provide Australia’s healthiest, organic plant-based premixed meals that offer the perfect balance of taste and quality. With our convenient products, you can live a healthy and efficient lifestyle without compromising your integrity or that of the environment. All you need to do is add water or oil to our products, and you’re all set!
In today’s blog, we’ll explain more about our company, our mission, how our products positively impact the world, and our innovative product range.

About Earth Bound

Earth Bound was founded by Oppenheimer, following the philosophy that a healthy body leads to a healthy spirit and life. Earth Bound is dedicated to offering ethically sourced organic and vegan products that are of the highest quality and taste. We are a young and vibrant health food company that is Australian-owned. Our range of vegan pre-mixed meals are easy to prepare – all you need to do is add water and oil, then you’re ready to go! Our selection offers something for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. Our products are made in Silverwater Australia.

At Earth Bound, we only use the best ingredients to make our products. We never compromise on quality or taste, and we always make sure that our products are environmentally friendly. Our customers are important to us, and we want to make sure that they have access to products that will save them time, money and hassle. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with delicious, healthy food that they can feel good about eating.

Earth Bounds Mission

We are passionate about making raw food more mainstream in Australia as we believe it has the potential to make a huge positive impact on both the world and individuals. If everyone went vegan, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by two-thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion. Imagine all of the good that could come from that! We want to be a part of the movement to make that happen.

To do that, we are committed to delivering the highest quality health and vitality products to our customers. We source our ingredients ethically and only use the finest ingredients in our products. We offer results beyond your expectations in nutrition, energy, detoxification and cleansing so that you can feel better, look better and perform better.

In Australia, 42 per cent of people are eating less meat or none at all in 2019. This trend is increasing, as more and more people are realizing the benefits of a plant-based diet. Among them, 10 per cent of the people identified themselves as vegan or vegetarian, 12 per cent as meat reducers, and 20 per cent as flexitarian.
Our products allow people to eat plant-based food that will satisfy them or help people transition to this type of lifestyle as our products don’t compromise taste. With our delicious and nutritious options, more and more people are able to enjoy plant-based meals without missing out on the flavours they love.

Why Choose Earth Bound Products

At Earth Bound, we pride ourselves on sourcing our products ethically while still maintaining authentic flavour and taste. Our products have various attributes that set them apart from our competitors, such as:

  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No additives
  • Great source of protein
  • Easy to prepare
  • Full of flavour
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Vegan certified
  • Halal kosher
  • Meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75
  • We ship Australia-wide, all states and territories
  • Our products are made in Silverwater, Australia
  • We currently ship small packages internationally to New Zealand

Our Product Range

At Earth Bound, we pride ourselves in having an extensive range of vegan-friendly products that are continuing to grow with new flavours being added all the time! All of our products are so easy to make – you simply add water or oil and they’re ready to go. Another great benefit of our products is that they have a very long shelf life of 18 months.
We currently have 7 delicious products that are packed with plant-based goodness and taste just like the real thing! These products include:

Vegan Bolognese Mix

  • Bolognese is a classic pasta sauce that is usually made with ground beef. However, our mix allows you to achieve the familiar taste and texture of quality spaghetti sauce without having to use any meat!

Vegan Mexican Taco Mix

  • Get all the flavour of a taco without the meat! Our bold, flavorful taco mince is packed with protein and fibre and has a hint of smokiness that will leave you wanting more. Plus, it’s lower in fat than traditional taco meat so that you can indulge without guilt.

Vegan Egg Mix

  • Fry, scramble or bake our egg-free eggs! Mix up some delicious vegan omelettes, French toast, baked desserts, and more – all without using any eggs! With this mix, you can enjoy a healthy and cholesterol-free breakfast that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Vegan Italian Meatball Mix

  • Love meatballs but want to try something different? Our recipe for saucy meatballs is made with protein-packed lentils and is delicious in a sub sandwich or with our Bolognese mix for a full spaghetti dinner!

Vegan Grilled Burger Patty Mix

  • Craving the smoky, juicy goodness of a BBQ burger on a lazy Sunday afternoon? You can now enjoy all the taste and texture of beef without any of the guilt with our new all-beef, meat-free patty mix. So fire up the grill and enjoy!

Vegan Chicken Nuggets Mix

  • Looking for a delicious and chicken-free alternative to nuggets? Our bite-sized chicken nugget fill is perfect for your next party platter! Just like nuggets, they’re packed with flavour and texture, without any of the chicken ingredients. So go ahead and enjoy the same great taste without any of the guilt!

Vegan San Choy Bao Mix

  • With our delicious and easy-to-use meat-free san choy bao mix, you’ll never have to prepare your tofu substitute again! Packed with the same spices and flavours, our vegan mix is perfect for your next lettuce wrap dish.

Get in touch

Ingredients that are all sourced from nature, products that will make your taste buds water – Earth Bound has what you need. You can shop our products now online on our website, and join the plant-based revolution. You’ll be opening up a world of culinary possibilities by checking out our products at our online shop or following us on our Instagram page @earthbound_au. Contact us today or sign up to get cooking with our recipes, be updated with cheeky offers, and be notified of new product releases. No matter what you’re looking for, Earth Bound has got you covered.

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