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Meal Prep with Earth Bound and an all-in-one container, Cuitisan

A Fusion of Health and Convenience

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding the balance between health and convenience is often a challenge. However, with Earth Bound’s innovative meal preparation capabilities and Cuitisan’s versatile stainless-steel containers, achieving that balance is possible.


1 Earth Bound Bolognaise pouch
50ml (2-3tbsp) oil
250ml (1 cup) water
500g (1 packet) pasta
x4 lunch containers – try microwave-safe Cuitisan!

Cuitisan is stainless steel technology dubbed Cromosteel that is safe for microwaves, ovens, fridges, freezers and dishwashers (without lids). The containers can withstand temperatures from -40c to 400c. With a huge variety of sizes, warm meals in clean stain-free containers has never been more accessible!

Earth Bound’s Culinary Hack: Just Add Water and Oil

Earth Bound takes the hassle out of meal prep with its ingenious ‘just add water and oil’ mixes. One standout is our Bolognaise plant-based mixture. A quick and straightforward process—hydrate the dry mixture with water and oil, and you’re ready to cook up a storm.

The beauty lies in the simplicity; all our pouches create four generous servings. This not only ensures a hearty dinner but also can be a lifesaver for busy lunches during a hectic day. We understand that time is of the essence, and our creations are tailored to make nutritious plant-based eating a seamless part of your routine.

Cuitisan: A Stainless-Steel Marvel for Every Culinary Need

Pairing perfectly with Earth Bound’s commitment to convenience is Cuitisan’s range of stainless-steel containers. Crafted for microwave, oven, fridge, and freezer use, these containers are the epitome of culinary versatility.

Picture this: You prepare your Earth Bound mixture in a Cuitisan container and store it in the fridge to rehydrate. After cooking, a quick rinse is all it takes to transform your Cuitisan into a reliable storage solution for your freshly portioned meals. When hunger strikes, a simple reheat in the microwave or oven turns your Cuitisan container into a serving dish, preserving both flavour and nutrients.

The Perfect Duo: Healthy, Convenient, and Budget-Friendly

The combo of Earth Bound’s smart meal preparation solutions and Cuitisan’s multifunctional containers is a game-changer. It not only streamlines your cooking process but also ensures that health-conscious choices are seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

This dynamic duo is more than a time-saver; it’s a budget-friendly approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By combining Earth Bound’s innovative mixes with the enduring capabilities of Cuitisan, you’re not just saving time and money – you’re investing in your well-being.

In a world where every minute counts, Earth Bound and Cuitisan prove that health and convenience can coexist harmoniously. Embrace the art of efficient meal prep, savour the rich flavours of Earth Bound’s creations, and let Cuitisan be your trusted companion in this culinary journey. Your health deserves it, and so does your busy schedule.

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